I Got a Kick out of You

Nothing makes a critic seem more out of touch with his era than playing the “they don’t make em like they used to” card, but I happen to think, in the case of the Hollywood romantic comedy, a critic who doesn’t play the card is out of touch with his art form.

I played the card (once more with feeling) in a recent issue of Elle magazine.


5 responses to “I Got a Kick out of You

  1. Aaron Hartzler

    You’re right: the instant intrigue of texting is a death-knell to movie romance. There’s just nothing heart-warming about Sandra Bullock being lit by a computer monitor or Ashton Kutcher checking his cell phone. Now, if one of them had to ask the other to dance

    (Of course, I suppose that would present another problem altogether. Sigh.)

    • It isn’t the technology per se, but the element of waiting, of pining away, that’s eliminated, or at least compromised, with the use of cell phones and iPads and things.

  2. I’m looking at all the things you’ve said. “Scary, risky, boundaries to push up against.” The edge – women should boycott the non-edgy films. You once wrote that they should boycott their boyfriends’ “Metalman 6.”
    I could never pinpoint the area where you disagree w/ me. The “boyfriends” culture has all the edge, makes all the news. Eg, gangsta rap is the most controversial art there is. So, Sam, where am I going wrong when I say that it isn’t a “romance” problem per say. but the hegemony of “jock-flicks” over ANY dialogue films?

  3. Interesting. : )

    Some of my favourite films of all time are (in no particular order): Adele H., La femme d’a cote, Brief Encounter.

    Picture them txting.
    Or Adele geolocating her sweetheart…

    They would still be tragedies, though.
    Just less pathos-laden for the onlookers.

  4. Sorry, I sent it quickly & didn’t notice that I wrote “per say.” I can still make a career as a dumb jock. I can’t play ball but I mastered the dumb part.

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